Therapy should be a place to explore, learn and grow. That is why as a therapist, I offer a safe, therapeutic relationship where you can explore all the aspects of who you are, deal with the pain and injury of life, and move towards becoming a more fully integrated, whole person. Many of the women that I have seen over the years, have sought my services to help them in the following areas:

  • Abuse/Trauma            ●  Career Changes/Goals          ●   Identity Formation                   ●  Relationship Issues
  • ADHD                        ●  Chronic Health Issues             ●   Infertility                                   ●  Retirement
  • Adoption Issues           ●  Depression and Sadness        ●   Infidelity                                   ●  Self-Esteem
  • Anxiety/Worry             ●  Family of Origin Issues           ●  Marital/Dating Issues               ●  Stress
  • Body Image                ●  Giftedness                               ●  Parenting Struggles                  ●  Spiritual Wounds
  • Boundary Setting        ● Grief and Loss                         ●  Pregnancy/Postpartum

Since no two people are the same, I offer a variety of therapy modalities, customizing for each person's unique and individual needs.