Now presenting...Creāre Workshops

After many months, and frankly even a few years of incubation, I am thrilled to be finally launching my Creāre Workshops. We live in an information driven culture, and most of us have reached our saturation point. The Creāre experiences are geared for everyone and anyone who desire to move away from the onslaught of information, and into a more embodied life experience, that flows from their authentic core self. They are designed to allow for play, intention, reflection, and ultimately growth. Click on the Creāre Workshops tab above to learn more and to sign up!

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Healing with Art

Earlier this year I was interviewed for an article regarding the coloring book craze, and those claiming to be "Art Therapy." I am absolutely an advocate for people to explore and engage in their own creativity and artistic endeavors. Not only does it give us more ways to express ourselves and our feelings, but studies have shown that it reduces stress and helps with problem solving and flexible thinking! Both of which we can never have enough of! However, making art in isolation does not substitute for Art Therapy with a trained clinical Art Therapist. If you are dealing with intense emotions, relationship crisis, or pain from life's battle scars, then seeking the help of a therapist is recommended. I am always amazed by how powerful the art can be in helping clients express themselves and their inner worlds. Contact me if you'd like to know more about working together, with or without art!